Exterior Design and Sign Boards

Exterior Design

According to hospital designers & planners, the first thing you notice is the outlook of the institution , which portray your presence to the public and hence making a good first impression on public viewing and exposure.

Both in the exterior and interior design of medical centers, it is essential to be efficient and to improve the prospects of the establishment itself. The exterior design of the hospital building should be of sophisticated and appealing which can reflect the brand presence of a healthcare facility . Your architectural elevation should be harmonious with the location of the faciIity.

Keeping all this in mind , we at Medasus have teamed up with the best Hospital Designers and Architects who will deliver the best, smart and cost – effective exterior designs.

Sign Boards

Medical facilities are a type of business that can greatly benefit from well-designed and properly installed signage. Most of the market exposure depends initially on signage boards and its visibility .

Any Thoughtful healthcare signage not only helps attract customers/patients to a medical facility or hospital, it also displays the message about the business presence. We at Medasus provide you expertise in carefully choosing the right style, font,colors, and sizing of custom exterior signs .


Putting plenty of thought into the design of your sign will help communicate list of healthcare services a medical facility provides and sets the tone for the level of attention and care patients can receive from the facility.

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